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Playa Dorada, Sihuapilapa
El Salvador

Phone Canada: (289) 251 5464
Phone El Salvador: (503) 7004 7793

El Salvador
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Pre Columbian Times: El Salvador's history started around the year 1200 B.C.. The territory was inhabited by different cultures such as Mayas and Olmecas. By the Spanish Conquest period the Pipiles (Nahuat spoken people), occupied most of the territory from the Pas River to the Lempa River. The East part of the country was controlled by the Lencas.
By the year 1524 the Spanish entered in the Cuscatlin land. The next year they were able to establish the First San Salvador Village. It was located in a place called La Bermuda that is very close to Suchitoto. The continuous native rebellions forced the conquers to move the village in 1528. It was re established at the current location in the Valle de las Hamacas ("Hammocks Valley", name given by the natives because of the frequency of earthquakes).
The Republic: On September 15th, 1821 the country succeeded in gaining its independence, along with Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Salvadorian history is marred by political instability and attempts to establish Central American integration. In the 1980's the nation was caught up in civil war. The war came to an end in 1992, when the sides signed a Peace Agreement, setting a world-wide precedence.
Third Millennium: Nowadays, El Salvador is a growing nation that doesn't have the time to grow old. As with every fall, there is renewed growth. In just one decade, the country has succeeded in building the best highway network in Central America. It has also modernized its technology and communications networks and made vast improvements to its business infrastructure. One of the most successful ventures is the development of the Port of La Union (currently under construction). When complete, it will be the largest and most modern Port in Central America.
The nation has the best international airport of Central America and the Caribbean. It is by far the most secure and modern. Offering connections to all Central American regions, as well as the major cities in North and South America.
Further strengthening of the Service Sector has been projected for the next several years, especially in the tourism sector.
CULTURAL FACT - The Salvadorean Territory was called "Cuscatian" by the natives, which in Nahuat means "the land of treasures" or place close to the jewel.

Official Name: Republic of El Salvador
Capital City: San Salvador
Territorial Extension: 21,041 square miles or 54,496 Square Km's
Coastline: 200 miles or 321 Km's
Population: 5.8 million
Other main cities: San Miguel, Santa Ana, Antiguo Cuscatian
Currency: US dollar
Official Language: Spanish
Time: GMT-6
Area Code: (503)
Normal Tip: 10%
Airport Tax: $32

Temperature Range: 27 deg C to 31 deg C
Winter (rainy season): from May to October
Summer (dry season): from November to April.
The Salvadorian sub tropical climate is hot and humid along the coast and the lowlands. It becomes temperate as the middle zone and cool at the high zone. There are very little temperature changes from one region to another, nor between seasons or the different times of the day.
From Guatemala - La Hachadura and Las Chinamas in Ahuachapan, San Critobal and Anguiatu in Santa Ana
From Honduras - El Poy in Chalatenango and El Amatillo in La Union.
Comalapa International Airport for Commercial Flights
Ilopango Airport (San Salvador) used for Official, Military and local civilian air traffic.
Commercial Ports - Acajutla in Sonsonate, Cutuco or La Union Port in La Union Department.
Private Shipping - Puerto Barillas in Jiquilisco, Bahia del Sol in the Costa del Sol and Corsain in La Union.

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